ZERGAW specializes in providing various IT services to the clients. ZERGAW has secured very satisfied customers from different fields of works from various places in the country.

Broadband Internet

In this digital age, a quality connection is the pillar for successful business operation and our affordable broadband services is meant for it.

By understanding these need, our company facilitates a quality and fast broadband internet service by partnering with Ethio-telecom as an official partner.

Starting from 2Mbps, you can order an internet speed that much your company need.

Software as a Service

With our SaaS service, you can easily and successfully manage and automate your organization’s resources and operations while saving time and cost and enjoying all benefits of local cloud. Under SaaS, we have Website Development and Hosting, Enterprise Resource Planning, File Management System, Broadcast/Streaming Service and Corporate Email Service.

Virtual Private Server

For IT Departments, entrepreneurs and SMEs, our quality VPS can serve your IT systems well with our locally configured server.

Our server infrastructure and IT systems are qualified in managing and facilitating your information in a secured manner with no worries about data security and backup


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