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Software-as-a-Service – File Management System (SaaS-FMS) ሶፍትዌር እንደ አገልግሎት – የፋይል አስተዳደር ስርዓት

Ethiopian government institutions and private businesses generate, exchange, and archive important files and documents as part of their daily operations. Thanks to the ubiquitous nature of computers, scanners, smartphones with digital cameras, portable storage devices, cloud storage services, etc. that we now have digital files or softcopies, instead of, or in addition to, the traditional hardcopies. A combination of convenience (to capture, store, backup, secure, distribute, and access from anywhere), efficiency, cost-effectiveness, environmental considerations, and other factors contribute to the shift from hardcopies to digital files.

File Management System (FMS) is a cloud-based electronic document filing system with storage, backup, archiving, searching, retrieval, access right, sharing, and collaborative file editing functionalities to keep important files and documents in one place safe. FMS facilitates real-time operation in an organized, secure, cost-effective, and efficient manner as well as by maintaining version history. Services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive provide free FMS service for limited storage. Higher storage capacity requires payment in foreign currency and has regulatory issues.

When assessing realities in Ethiopian government institutions and public sector organizations, despite the availability and benefits of FMS, you might have witnessed important files (e.g., meeting minutes and reports from units of an organization) are circulating via emails making compiling and editing time-consuming tasks. Even you might have been shocked when missing critical files accumulated over the years when your computers and smartphones malfunction (e.g., during hard disk failure or software crush) or lost. Missing important personal, business, and research files (for graduate students and university professors) is so painful, as a huge resource in finance, time, and manpower is spent to compile the files. Or you might have been challenged to teamwork, team collaboration, remote collaboration (e.g., on projects and research) on a common/shared by working from different locations, avoiding conflicts, and maintaining version history, so as to go back to earlier versions of the file with ease?

The above are some of the major challenges of the Ethiopian public and private institutions and it is highly recommended that critical public and private data (e.g., banks, insurance companies, financial services, academic research, and scientific data), be stored on well-managed FMS instead of directly on personal computers.

ZERGAW Cloud is uniquely positioned to understand the needs of the Ethiopia market and has designed and developed its cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) FMS and made it available to the Ethiopian market. The service is accessible from our high-class and state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure collocated at ethio telecom’s datacenters, where uptime guarantee, service availability above 99.5 % guaranteeing service availability. Our SaaS-FMS, like the other services, is cost-effective solution, competitive pricing, secured, takes a shorter time to deploy, payment is in pay in Birr, Ethiopian currency acceptance, and complies with the Ethiopian legal framework. We have arranged a scalable usage scheme that fits your business. Our 24/7 excellent Customer Support service is an additional benefit for Ethiopian public and private institutions using our services.

With our FMS no need to worry about exchanging important files via email, the risk of lost or corrupted devices, and the overhead associated with working in a team (coordination and fear of overwriting a file). You can edit online or offline files in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel formats. Moreover, the FMS can be configured to send files via email from the web or app. If you’re ready to take your file management to the next level, consider implementing our FMS. We take care of your files while you focus on what matters, improve productivity.

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