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With these contemporary and robust infrastructure and system, ZERGAW is currently delivering various broadband, cloud and on-premises services for its customers.

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Digitalizing your system operation by optimizing resources and upgrading your system is our passion


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System configuration and responsiveness


Deploying and hosting service as part of the package

2x the Speed

Observe 2x speed at your work flow

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ZERGAW is fully equipped with not only talent and the latest technological equipment but also a state-of-the-art management system that boost clarity, efficiency and productivity of our entire projects and customer relationships.

Our close partnership with ZERGAW spans over a year as both companies have been working closely together to integrate business and enterprise resource planning system to achieve greater agility, productivity and ultimately a more enriched value stream for the service we provide to our customers. With ZERGAW, we deal with one company and a fully integrated needs starting from fully enriched website, enterprise resource planning system to our broadcast and streaming need; all from one company. They help me manage all my operation by a touch of my hand, all-in-one and integrated.
Yosef Gebre (Jossy)
Owner of J Investment Group
We subscribed broadband internet service from ZERGAW and we are very glad with the quality and stability of the connection and their support service.
Kirubel Girma
Business development Manager for Ke Ha Eske Pe
Mac mobile needed a reliable and stable connection for various purposes. We got the best solution for our company after we subscribed to ZERGAW.
Henok Mekashaw
Owner of Mac Mobile
Our Company subscribed broadband internet from ZERGAW. We would like to acknowledge that they provide an excellent service and the response time to fix when there is an issue is awesome.
Misak Birehanu
Manager for Infini Cafe
After we subscribed to ZERGAW to provide us broadband internet and cloud services our company became easier to manage and provide the best service to its customers.
Reghan Kahsay
Owner of Reggies Cafe

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