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We offer a wide range of quality and affordable cloud and internet services including Cloud Infrastructure, Software, Security, Broadband Internet and other demand based strategically aligned ICT projects to help your business succeed.

Our services are designed and implemented to overcome the three critical challenges of the local ICT industry: unaffordable quality, slow procurement and deployment, and frequent system down with slow maintenance. Our services are affordable, easy to deploy and scale, and highly reliable, available and secure, helping businesses operate in cost and time efficient manner. To establish high-quality and state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure, we form strong local and international partnerships including the strategic partnership with ethio telecom, Ethiopia’s leading telecom operator.   

Cloud Infrastructure

Highly available and scalable cloud infrastructure that provides your business with the computing and storage resources you need to run your software systems in a cost and time efficient way.

Cloud Software

A suite of software solutions that streamline your business operations, enhance efficiency, improve collaboration, and drive growth.

Cloud Security

Contemporary security solutions to safeguard your business from any attack.

Broadband Internet

For your Broadband Internet and VPN need at your premises to safely access  internet services and your cloud infrastructure with quality speed.

Demand Based ICT Projects

We are tuned to tune our cloud,  internet and other strategically aligned ICT services to your specific demand. 

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