Baremetal Server

Baremetal Server

Infrastructure as a service

  • a high end general purpose dedicated server hardware 
  • Configured as per your unique requirements
    • Web based secure server hardware management interface (eg. DELL iDRAC or HPE iLO).
    • Stable Internet connectivity closest to the national backbone.
  • From our cloud infrastructure at the most reliable and secured locations of the nation

Fast Ready-To-Use Server Infrastructure

Offers unparalleled speed and efficiency, empowering businesses to swiftly establish a robust online presence without delays or complications.

No Need To Hire Strong Technical Expertise

Empower individuals and businesses to accomplish complex tasks without the necessity of hiring exclusively technical experts.

High Availability And Reliability

Ensures uninterrupted access and reliability of services by employing redundant infrastructure

Shared Security Responsibility

Aims to create a robust security ecosystem, emphasizing the collaboration needed to mitigate risks in cloud computing environments.

Easily Scalable

Getting a maintainable and salable cloud server that can scale based on your business need

Reduce Operation Costs

We provide an end-to-end solution that extends to fulfilling all the technology need of a business and reduce your related operational cost

Examplary Baremetal Server Clients

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Smart Pricing to Fit Any Business


Bare mental
High End General Purpose Computing Server
Dell PowerEdge R730 Rack Server
Chassis-2.5" Chassis with up to 16 SAS/SATA Drives, 2 CPU 20 core each
Processor- Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2698 v4 50M cache, 2.20 GHz
RAM- 8 DIMMS per server x 32 Gb per DIMM = 256GB, 16 DIMMS per server x 16 Gb per DIMM = 256GB Total 512GB
Hard Drive- 2 SSDs per server x 512 GB = 1 TB and 1 SSD per server x 2 TB = 2 TB, Total of 3 TB per server
Network Interface- 10-Gigabit SFI/SFP+ Network Connection, two interfaces per server; 1-Gigabit Ethernet interface, two interfaces per server.
ETB 212,175 /month

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