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Affordable Computing Solution for Ethiopian Graduate Students and Researchers!

As a Masters or PhD student in Ethiopian universities or research institutions, is the quality of your research limited by a lack of resources to process big data or run complex simulations? You’re not alone. This is a common challenge faced by graduate students in engineering fields, including electrical, civil, and mechanical engineering, as well as in IT fields like computer science, computer engineering, software engineering, information systems, and biomedical engineering.

As a research lead or faculty advisor in an Ethiopian university or research institution, are you able to meet the computing needs of your graduate students and research projects while overcoming the long procurement processes and complying with strict financial regulations? If so, you’re doing well – it’s not easy for most.

While there’s a clear growing need for high-performance computing (HPC) among graduate students and researchers to solve advanced research problems and handle computationally intensive tasks, most Ethiopian universities lack the ability to provide HPC resources at the departmental or research group level due to long customs clearance and purchasing procedures, as well as other implementation challenges and maintenance difficulties.

The partnership between ethio telecom and ZERGAW Cloud has opened a new door for Ethiopian graduate students and researchers by offering the opportunity to access on-demand computing resources or rent cloud-based HPC solutions locally for just a few months at an affordable rate. The entry-level plan starts at only 3,600 Birr with a minimum rental period of one month (see details here).

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