Trends of Ethiopian Business Email in Ethiopia!

Have you wondered why a significant number of professionals and even high-ranking officials of Ethiopian public and private institutions are using free email services with public domains (mainly Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail) for business, instead of using corporate/professional email addresses with their institution domain names? Have you ever received such a remark from a business partner or professional from abroad, questioning why distinguished personalities are relying on free email services? Please spare a few minutes of your time to share the perspective from ZERGAW Cloud

It is now a well-established fact that using professional email with the domain name of the affiliated institution, among other benefits, helps institutions look professional, establish credibility and trustworthiness, build brand, and ensure security. 

Going back a couple of decades, a few Ethiopian institutions started using professional email with email addresses matching their own domain names by deploying dedicated private mail servers on their premises. However, this trend did not take off much, and only a handful of institutions are still using corporate email with on-premise mail server deployment. This limited penetration of corporate email usage is mainly due to the lack of technical capability to design, deploy, manage, and secure a reliable server-based email service, as well as the considerable experience of email service downtime due to frequent mail server power and internet interruptions. To address these challenges and the high upfront cost (CAPEX) in foreign currency, institutions started using email renting services from a local email hosting provider, ethio telecom, or cloud-based global service providers like Gsuite by Gmail and Microsoft Exchange Emails by Microsoft.

While the local option has technical issues to address, the global option is payable in foreign currency, the cost increases with demand, and has regulatory gaps as the mailboxes are hosted outside the country. 

ZERGAW Cloud has learned well the email service trends of the Ethiopian ICT market and related challenges, and has also articulated well the major benefits for businesses of using professional/corporate emails. Addressing the limitations of using local and global email hosting providers, it has carefully designed and developed a cloud-based email service deployable in our high-class and state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure collocated at ethio telecom’s data centers.

ZERGAW Cloud’s email service is affordable, secure, takes a shorter time to deploy, and the system downtime is below 0.5%, guaranteeing service availability. Our email service is easily customizable based on institutions’ requirements, accessible from any device, and provides full content control by the institutions. Moreover, payment is in local currency, complying with the Ethiopian legal framework, integration with enterprise resources planning (ERP) solution for easier communication, and quality 24/7 customer support are additional benefits of using our service.

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