Unleash the Power of Knowledge-Enabled Tech with ZERGAW Cloud!

Ready to unlock the true potential of technology for your business? Join ZERGAW Cloud’s CEO for a captivating 12-minute conversation with Arts TV World. In this insightful interview, he dives deep into the company’s journey, vision for digital empowerment, partnership opportunities, and insights specifically relevant to government organizations. 

Here are the key takeaways from the video.  

  • From Seed to Success: Discover ZERGAW Cloud’s remarkable journey, born in 2019 from the expertise of local and international tech pioneers who deeply understand Ethiopian market needs and challenges.
  • Digitization Dreams: Witness ZERGAW’s ambitious vision to empower individuals and businesses across Ethiopia through the transformative power of cloud technology.
  • Modernize from Within, Outward: ZERGAW Cloud offers state-of-the-art cloud servers (IaaS) and software solutions (SaaS) to streamline your operations, boost productivity, and optimize costs.
  • Empowering Ethiopian Businesses: Discover how ZERGAW Cloud tackles the pain points of Ethiopian businesses, from expensive foreign solutions to lengthy procurement and support issues.
  • One-Stop Cloud Shop: Experience the convenience of ZERGAW’s comprehensive cloud offerings, including internet services, allowing you to focus on your core business while leaving the technical complexities to the experts.
  • Partner for Progress: Explore opportunities to collaborate with ZERGAW on service exports and co-develop innovative cloud solutions that reach new heights.
  • Beyond Borders: Witness ZERGAW’s expansion into East Africa, capitalizing on the cloud’s potential for seamless remote operations.
  • Fast-Track for Government: For government organizations seeking cloud solutions, ZERGAW streamlines the process through its partnership with ethio telecom. Say goodbye to lengthy procedures and order your cloud services directly through the ETZ Partnership Cloud Solutions platform.

Ready to unlock the power of cloud technology for your Ethiopian business?

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